Best Outdoor Kennel for Small Dogs

Best Outdoor Kennel for Small Dogs

I have a pair of Corgis. I love my dogs, but I didn’t want them to stay in my house all day while I was at work. Recently they have been ripping up pillow and having pee accidents on my wood floors. I researched outdoor dog kennels online and found the best outside dog kennels here I recently bought an outdoor dog kennel, and I’m so glad I did.

Considerations for outdoor dog kennels for small dogs

Since my dogs are small and can’t jump very high, I limited my search to outdoor dog kennels that had low fences. I didn’t need to waste money on buying a tall kennel when I knew there was no earthly way my little corgis would be able to jump over the fence! Also because they are relatively small, they didn’t need an enormous enclosure. I wanted their kennel to have some shade and enough room for them to play in if they wanted. I also wanted to have a small area I could lay down some gravel so they could have a designated potty area. My dogs are pretty good about keeping their bathroom business restricted to certain areas (except recently with the potty accidents in the house).

My choice in outdoor kennels for small dogs

I went with an outdoor dog kennel that was five feet by ten feet. I put their little dog beds at the back. The kennel came with a canvas cover that I put over the bed area so they can rest in the shade. I put some gravel inside the kennel, to the side of the entrance door. I boxed the gravel in with some wood boards to keep it from spilling out. That makes it super easy for me to clean. I am very happy with my choice of outdoor dog kennel and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solutions for their house bound dogs!