How to Safely Bathe Your Dog

How to Safely Bathe Your Dog

Bathing your dog can be a messy ordeal. Many dogs either no not like water or the specifically don’t like baths. But bath time is important for your dog’s health and for the cleanliness of your home.

How to introduce your dog to getting baths

It’s best to introduce bathing to the dog when he is a young puppy. Start by bringing the dog into the bath or shower and using warm water gently wash their paws and legs. Keep the water pressure low, so the sounds and intensity of the water do not scare the puppy. You can give the dog some treats which might help them enjoy the situation. Over time you can increase the amount of water you put on the dog to where you eventually are bathing the whole body. If you provide treats during this process the dog will most likely enjoy bath time.

How to reduce the amount of mass from giving your dog a bath

The easiest option is to either send your dog to a groomer or to take the dog to a pet store that offers dog bathing stations. If you decide to give your dog a bath home, you will want to have some pet safe shampoo and plenty of towels on hand. Try to get your dog into the bathtub or shower before introducing any water. Once the dog is secure in the bath or shower you can turn on the water and begin to rinse your dog. Make sure your pet safe shampoo stays out of your dog’s eyes and other sensitive areas. Be sure to wash between the legs, wash the tail, and wash behind the ears.

If you were giving the dog a flea bath, fleas like to congregate in the folds of a dog’s coat so pay special attention to the armpits, behind the ears, around the neck, under the tail, and between the back legs. Be sure to be thorough in your scrubbing and sudsing of your dog. Once you have fully shampooed them, rinse the dog thoroughly ensuring that no shampoo residue is left behind. Once finished, dry your dog with a dry towel. Your dog will want to shake vigorously. To reduce the mess, take your dog either outside to shake or into a laundry room or some room in your house that you can clean easily.