Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

This is the great debate among dog owners and sometimes between may want the dog in the bed, one may not. So what are the considerations?

Why it’s OK to have the dog sleep in your bed

Like humans, dogs are social animals. In a natural setting, dogs would sleep with one another, making body contact all night long. When we own dogs, we become their pack. So it makes a dog very comfortable to be able to sleep with their owners. It’s also very comforting for the owner to have a dog laying at their feet. The health benefits of being close to an animal are innumerable including lowering heart rate and blood pressure, increasing releases of beneficial neurotransmitters, and overall making you more calm and relaxed. Plus who can resist that face when the dog asks to come up on the bed?

Why it’s not OK to have the dog sleep in your bed

Many people believe that you have to be dominant over a dog in order to get their respect and obedience. As the dominant member of the pack, you must not share your space with a subordinate member of the pack. Many people do not believe this to be true, but it’s a factor to consider. Some dogs are extremely strong willed and may need an added physical barrier to keep them from challenging their owners. Behavioral issues aside, when you allow your dog to sleep in bed with you, the dog will shed hair and also bring in dirt to your bedsheets. The dog may also transmit fleas and other parasites to you and your sheets. If you allow your dog to sleep in bed with you, you’re going to have to change your sheets more frequently and have your dog on a regular grooming schedule. One alternative is to have a special dog blanket that lays on top of the bed so that the dog can lay on that instead of your sheets.